We Are Your Place

Welcome to Emmanuel Episcopal Church!

My name is Fr. David Bumsted and as rector, I have the distinct honor of leading this parish.

Emmanuel is a pretty remarkable place. Our people are dedicated to Christ’s Gospel, committed to beautiful worship, and are always looking for reasons to get together. We love being able to serve two of Orlando’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Audubon Park and Baldwin Park.

For me, this is a bit of a dream come true. As a former local musician, I’ve always had a soft spot for the area around 1603 Winter Park Rd with its decidedly hip and avant garde vibe. From Redlight Redlight to the East End Market, our little corner of Orlando is fostering all sorts of community and we are absolutely delighted to participate in the growth of the area! You’ll often find me hanging out at our local spots and I relish the chance to connect with you soon.

At Emmanuel, we take seriously the promise of ‘God with us!’ We hope you’ll join us as we grow and help us continue to build a piece of Christ’s Kingdom here in the coolest part of Orlando!

Your servant,
-Fr. David+