EEC Organ Information

Specifications for our Tracker Organ

The tracker organ at Emmanuel was built by Franz Heissler Orgelbau of Markelsheim, Germany, in 1983 as Opus 430. It includes 17 ranks and has the following specification:

Manual 1


Manual III (expressive)

8’ Holzgedeckt
4’ Rohrfloete
2’ Principal
     Sesquialtera II

Manual II

8’ Principal
8’ Rohrgedeckt
4’ Principal
2’ Schwiegel
     Mixtur IV
8’ Trompete


16’ Subass
8’ Octavbass
4’ Choralbass
8’ Trompete (II)


Accessories include 8 General thumb pistons duplicated by toe levers, a Setter, a General Cancel, a Zimbelstern activated by a rocker switch and reversible toe levers for II-P and III-P.