We Are Your Place


Here at Emmanuel, we are committed to beautiful, faithful, and traditional Anglican worship. It’s pretty old-school and its super great. We use the Episcopal Church’s 1979 Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and 1982 Hymnal for almost all of our worship. On Sundays, our early service at 8:00am uses the traditional language of Rite I from the BCP. It is a wonderful, quiet, and reverent beginning of your week. Our 10:15am service uses the updated language of Rite II in the BCP. Our choir, led by our incredible organ and organist, leads the congregation through the time-tested hymns and chants of the Church. Sunday evenings, we meet in our beautiful chapel for our reverent and intimate offering of Evensong. 

Sunday Worship:
8:00am The Holy Eucharist: Rite I
10:15am The Holy Eucharist: Rite II
5:00pm Evensong with Holy Communion: Rite I

During the week, Emmanuel meets every day for worship by observing the Daily Office of Morning Prayer at 8:30am. On Wednesday afternoon, we celebrate the Holy Eucharist at 12:05pm in the chapel. We also observe the major feasts of the Church Calendar, so make sure you look at our schedule! Join us throughout the week!

Weekday Worship
M-F 8:30am: Morning Prayer Rite I
Wed 12:05pm: The Holy Eucharist