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Intercessory Prayers

Anglican Cycle of Prayer: We pray for The Archbishop of Canterbury. Pray for the work, ministry, and witness of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

The Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: We pray for Michael, Presiding Bishop; Gregory, Diocesan Bishop; John, Dorsey and James, Assisting Bishops; John and William, Bishops Retired; we pray for our clergy, Robert.

For the World: We pray for our leaders, for our president, Joseph, his advisors, and for Congress, that they will make decisions that promote justice and peace throughout the world.

For our parishioners, families, and friends. And for our homebound.

For those in military service.

Please see below for our prayer request forms.

Prayer Requests


Confidential Prayer Requests

Use this form if you would like to send a prayer request directly to Fr. Bumsted. You are welcome to include your name and email, but please feel free to leave that blank.

Confidential Prayer