Rogation Procession
Featuring Carmina Vesperalia illi puero
Jack V. Austin, Composer

May 6, 2018 @ 4:00pm

“On Sunday, May 6, Easter VI, at 4:00pm, Emmanuel will present a second annual Evensong with Rogation Procession. Our wonderful property lends itself to ‘beating the bounds,’ being very well defined and sufficiently expansive to give participants a sense that they have accomplished something by walking the three legs of the perimeter. I had an “oh, wow’ moment earlier today when I realized that the triangle is a traditional symbol of the Holy Trinity. There is a message there, perhaps.

The prayers offered as the Procession moves along request divine protection of the property, and invoke God’s blessing on activities that take place there. Frequently, such things have been focused on the agricultural aspects of the life of a parish – particularly in the English countryside of bygone days. Today, those of us who live in urbanized central Florida can make use of this ritual as a means of seeking divine support and encouragement of other sorts of development – like healthy and prosperous conditions in which our planned association with the soon-to-be-opened neighborhood school can grow and thrive.

Evensong will be somewhat simpler than that offered last year, but will include settings drawn from my recently completed Carmina Vesperalia illi puero, which contains two sets of Anglican Chant tunes intended for use with the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis. A somewhat protracted Organ Voluntary will precede the service, and we will sing two hymns. A reception will follow in the garden, at which this year’s Emmanuel Rogation Ale will be tapped. Provided by Redlight Redlight, the brew continues a long tradition that descends from parishes in England. Fr. David was present to bless its beginnings a few days ago.

An offering will be received to benefit Heifer International, which is a very special organization devoted to providing the resources – livestock and agricultural materials – with which residents of developing countries can work toward self-sufficiency and sustainability. There is a splendidly informative display at the foot of the stairs to the undercroft, and the history of the organization is easily researched on the internet. Gifts received will be forwarded through the Emmanuel Outreach Program. Please encourage your friends to join us for this special occasion.”

Jack V. Austin, Organist and Choir Director


Holy Eucharist (Rite I): 8:00am
Adult Education: 9:00am
Holy Eucharist (Rite II): 10:15am
Evensong with Communion (Rite I): 5:00pm
Youth Compline: 7:30pm
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